Godot Game: Cool Jack Friday, November 10, 2017
godot programing game


Cool Jack is a 2D sidescroller that I'm working on using Godot and based of my early work with Unreal Engine.

Playable Demo

Coming soon!

Update 8

  • Reverted back to simple controls. I will add double jumping again.
  • You can now jump if falling and have not jumped yet.
  • Parallax scrolling
  • More level design elements (Falling objects, rideables etc)

Update 7

  • New character control/movement
  • Bug fixes

Update 6

  • Refactored the player code a little.
  • A quick preview of another idea for the game

Update 5

  • Initial work for the game load/save
  • Experimenting with jumping different amounts depending on what you are standing before jumping: ground vs enemy

Update 4

  • We have our first enemy!
  • No more double jumping (this may change) unless on "something"
  • Re-implemented the pausing of the game
  • Fixed minor UI bugs
  • Music only stops playing when you die

Update 3

  • We now detect when we collide with a wall
  • Basic game UI flow: pause, re-try, level failed, level finished

Update 2

Update 1

  • Initial POC