Unreal Engine 4 Project: 2D Platformer Runner Tuesday, July 26, 2016
programming ue4 game


This is a very small project I created with the goal to help those new to Unreal Engine 4 get started fast. I'm trying to keep the game as simple as possible yet complete so that it can be considered a "full game" and not just a demo.

Here are the features:

  • Free
  • Blueprints only (No C++ programming required)
  • High quality artwork.
  • Functional GUI system using UMG: Landing screen, level selector, in game pause screen, end of level etc
  • 20 Levels

I will update this post as I make progress. If the post gets too big I will break it down for easier reading.

Playable Demo

Coming soon!


You can find and buy the original artwork used in this game from Graphic River

Update 3

Improved character artwork, basic screen flow is in place, level fade in effect. More to come...

Update 2

Improved failure, success GUI. More to come...

Update 1

Quick POC video of the kind of gameplay the game will feature.